About Us

Our partners at LEXPAL ABOGADOS are lawyers and economists with years of professional experience at large national and international law firms. By establishing this new legal and tax advisory firm, we seek to recover the spirit and the essence of our profession before it became inexorably swamped by the big corporate world: offering personalized attention to our clients by the most experienced partner; providing fully independent advice without any external influence; putting our clients’ interests first; understanding technology at the service of lawyers instead of lawyers at the service of technology; ensuring absolute transparency and the utmost diligence as regards fees, beyond strict hourly billing; and faithful compliance with the oft-disregarded Lawyers Code of Ethics.

We purpose to shy away from the crude “mercantilism” that sometimes drives legal practice. Lawyers are legal professionals and not traders in law, with all that implies. This is the cornerstone of our law firm and its founding partners, even if it means going against the tide.

Francisco J. Bauzá

Andrés Jiménez

Fernando Marroquín

José María Ayala

Ignacio Moratilla

Pablo Vidal

Alberto Bauzá